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Disability is Natural DVD Poster


Disability is Natural DVD Companion Poster

This is the comparison poster to the life-changing Disability is Natural DVD. Customers who purchased the DVD early on wanted the words of the DVD on a poster, so we made it happen!

Many families, schools, and human service agencies are embracing the philosophies detailed on the poster, and the poster alone, or with the Disability is Natural DVD, will provide thought-provoking inspiration and motivation for creating positive change! Poster is 11" x 17", vertical format, laminated for durability.

We can't make the image any larger, I'm sorry to say (limits of technology and software!), but you can click on the image for a slightly larger view. Then you can make it still larger (but it will be fuzzy on your screen): on a PC, hold down the Control and =+ keys together. On a Mac, hold down the Command and =+ keys together. To reverse these, hold down the Command (Mac) or Control (PC) key with the - key.