It's Time for Revolutionary Common Sense!

Disability is Natural DVD


Disability is Natural: Revolutionary Common Sense About People with Disabilities DVD

Isn't it time for children and adults with disabilities to live Real Lives? Isn't it time for inclusion, interdependence, and self-direction for all? How can things be different when we realize that disability is a natural part of life?

This revolutionary DVD features a series of provocative, attitude-changing questions and statements in text frames (black letters on white), accompanied by powerful music. It will enlighten, challenge and inform audiences of all sizes and from all walks of life.

  • Parents show it at their children's IEP meetings and share it with families and friends.
  • Professionals share it with staff, using the presentation's ideas as guiding principles.
  • Individuals with disabilities say, "It speaks my language," and share it with family, friends, and staff.
  • Teachers, parents, and others show it at meetings and conferences.

Mark Ryan wrote, "I showed Disability is Natural at the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association conference and there wasn't a dry eye in the house." You will also be moved by the Disability is Natural DVD!

DVD packaged in a library-style case, approximately 7:00 in length, $25.00.